My Million Dollar Dream

My million dollar dream was originally a reaction to a shock that hit me without warning in 2002. It was a situation that ocurred out of the blue and suddenly put my monthly pay-check - and thus my fundamental financial safety - at stake.

My House and Life Falling of the Cliff

Eventually, after several painful weeks and months, it all turned out to be a force alarm. I felt relieved but also realized how suddenly my financial prospects could have changed due to reasons completely outside of my control. This made me really think, and the more I thought about it, the more convinced I grew: my finances really shouldn’t be so dependent on external circumstances like these. I suddenly realized that relying so heavily on an employer was not something I wanted anymore. Instead I started to wonder what I could do in order to decrease – or maybe even do away with - this over-reliance.

It started to dawn on me that I didn't only want more control of what could happen to my finances. I also wanted more time to spend with my family - especially the kids - and more resources available for their education. There were also other, more materialistic reasons: I finally wanted to start taking concrete steps towards eventually buying a house in Tuscany, which had been a long-time long-term dream of mine (and my wife's too!). And I wanted to significantly expand our house or move into a larger one - a plan we always had ever since we bought the current house in 1999. Finally, my million dollar dream had one especially selfish reason, too, but yet something shared with my wife: we wanted to have more resources to travel and time to play golf now that the kids too to were old enough for these.

Time and Resources for Family

All in all, it turned out that the fear of a sudden significant uncontrollable negative change to my finances was only a trigger for my dream of getting wealthy. My real dream was about doing things that I had never seriously considered possible: much more time and resources for my family, travel, and personal interests. This is where I started. Interestingly enough, once I got going on my journey towards my first million, I realized that the dream started to change and mold. Some of my original reasons were losing their significance, while others became even more important than before. There were also new things that got added to my list.

But hey, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Enough about my million dollar dream. Now it's time to focus on you again and take the next step - make your million dollar decision and then start drawing up your million dollar plan.

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