The Millionaire Mind - You Got It!

If you are like most people, the millionaire mind of yours is in hiding: you never really seriously considered the idea of systematically trying to build wealth. Some of us were raised with the idea that thinking too much about money is bad, while many others just dream of getting rich but never believe they could actually do it.

Of course, most of us have made some vague efforts towards building wealth. We have saved some of our pay check if there has been anything left after the necessary expenses. We have put money on a savings account or bought some shares on the stock market and hope they'd go up - which they typically did just before the collapse and before we managed to sell. We have even bought the odd lottery ticket, hoping ours would be the one - but it wasn't (and if yours was, congrats - you get to skip the rest of this page and move directly to Investing Money or Building Wealth!).

The Power of Your Mind!

Here's the good news for all: Yes, you've got what it takes! The fact that you are reading this right now proves that you have the first building block in place: the million dollar dream (euros, pounds, or any other choice of currency is fine as well!), no matter how deep in the back of your mind it might be right now. To help your way forward, you may want to have a closer look at that dream of yours, as it will define some of the important steps on your path later on.

In fact, we recommend to make your million dollar dream a foundation for building your wealth - click here to see how. In order to get a reference point to understand the uniqueness of your own dream, you can also check out a real-life example of a million dollar dream and the story behind it - find it here. But wait: the dream is just the first block - how do we know you also have the rest of what it takes? Well, here's the secret revealed: besides the dream, it's just a mindset you need, and building this millionaire mindset just takes a decision plus some simple learning. Anyone can do it, and you can sure do it!

You might also wonder if the million dollar journey is really worth the pursuit. Can money really buy happiness, and isn't there a risk that all that focus on becoming wealthy could actually make you unhappy? For sure, money cannot buy happiness, but believe me - the trip is totally worth it! Both the things you do - the actual journey - and the eventual achievement and its "side-effects" make this journey worth the pursuit, but maybe for slightly different reasons that many might imagine. The ultimate goal is happiness, not money, so if you plan your journey accordingly, it will no doubt make it worthwhile.

Make the Right Decision

Knowing all this, your million dollar decision is probably an easy one. It is important really explicitly to make that decision, though. Really committing to your journey is part of your millionaire mind and makes all the difference to the success of the journey. Here we'll tell you more about this decision that will be the second building block on your path your your first million.

There are entire books written on the millionaire mind - Thomas Stanley's eponymous book is one of the good ones. The book is well worth reading but not a prerequisite for becoming a millionaire. All you really need to know is this: most millionaires aren't what people expect them to be, they come in many different forms and shapes, and they grow wealthy through the choices they make and the priorities they keep.

Once you are clear about your dream and you've made you decision, it's time to move on to drawing up your million dollar plan. For more on planting the seeds of your money tree, click here!

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