Your Million Dollar Dream

Many of us dream of getting rich, but what exactly is behind that million dollar dream? Only few care to think a bit further and ask: what would I really want and gain, and what would I sacrifice? Maybe this is also why so few actually ever make the dream come true. If we don't put some more thought to it, we may well fail to realize that this really is a dream worth pursuing and all within our reach.

Your Dream - Don't Let It Wash Away

The first question you should ask yourself is: why do I want to get rich? Your list of reasons is probably unique, but it  may well contain some of the following: wanting to quit the 9-to-5, hoping to have more time and resources for your family, wanting to have the freedom to do what you want, wanting to buy a nice car, house, luxury goods or other things, or wanting to have more time and resources for charity. Or maybe it's simply just being afraid of "not having enough money" (whatever that might mean to you). These are just a few of the common reasons - I'm sure you can add a few more, besides these and the ones that may be unique to you, and so could I.

If you already gave some thought to this, you probably noticed that your reasons very closely reflect your life goals. As typical in real life, some of your goals may be partly in contradiction with each other and in some cases even mutually exclusive. This is OK, as long as you are clear what your priorities are in such cases - and if you are not, now is a great time to do some more thinking and figure it out!


It is important that you jot down what the key reasons are for your million dollar dream. This will first of all give you a starting of point for your million dollar plan. It will be a foundation on which to build your road to wealth. The elements behind your million dollar dream will also serve as an important reference point during your journey to your first million and beyond. They will guide you to take steps that not only get you closer to your financial goals, but also - and most importantly - get you towards your life goals.

I suggest you now to write down your unique reasons now for wanting to become wealthy, unless you already did this. Give them some thought and make sure you really capture the essence of what's important for you. Don't worry if some of the reasons are contradictory or if the list isn't that long. When making choices later on, you will notice what's missing on your list. You will also realize you need to check your priorities every now and then on the way from your dream to you million dollar wealth. To help analyze and understand your dream, you can click here for the real-life story of my own personal million dollar dream.

Million Dollar Motivations

Once you have your reasons for your million dollar dream jotted down, you are ready for the next steps: your million dollar decision and a plan for the planting of your money tree. Many sources will have you believe it's all about making a plan to build a business. An example of this is Tamara Monosoff's book "Your Million Dollar Dream" - an excellent book as such even if in my opinion a more accurate name would be "How to build and run a business in today's online environment". Luckily, there is much more to your plan than building a business - and maybe building a business even isn't part of your plan. What you will make is a unique plan that reflects your own personal dream and life goals. Before this though, you need to make your million dollar decision - click here to read more about this important next step.

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