Become a Millionaire -
Make Your Million Dollar Plan!

As you reading this, we know you want to become a millionaire. You have a million dollar dream, and we assume you made - or are in the process of contemplating - your million dollar decision to pursue this dream. Next, we will guide you in making your million dollar plan.

We assume your starting point is that you have a job and some regular income - and that's good, as you will need these in order to become a millionaire. Your plan for wealth begins with setting up a strong defensive game as a solid foundation for your wealth building: how to save money - the more the better - on a regular basis in order to power your million dollar journey. We will then build on this and plan a strong offensive game: how to invest your regular savings and get your money work really hard for you. This will ensure that you reach your goals the sooner rather than later.

Great Defence, Great Offence!

When both your defensive and offensive plans are clear to you, you will add a calculation that shows how you'll be building and preserving wealth. To make it really concrete, you will also make an estimate - which will serve as your goal - for when exactly you should hit that million dollar milestone! To support this, you will set up a simple method for tracking your wealth and calculate right away you starting point - your current net worth. Finally, you will also give some thought to how and when to enjoy your wealth - you can leverage your million dollar dream in this - even if there will be plenty of time to complete and hone this last part later.

Eventually, with all this in place, you will have what it takes to become a millionaire!

You may be lucky enough to already have in place some of the things  you need for your plan. You might be using budgeting, so that you know how much you spend and where you spend it. You may be saving money on a regular basis and according to a plan. You may also have investments or a business that make your money work for you. Maybe you also understand your risk profile and its impact on your finances and are aware of the scams and other activities aimed at parting your from your money.

It's great if you already have some of these elements in place. In any case we want to ensure you have all the key parts of the plan covered. Like in football - or ice hockey or many other kinds of sports - a strong defence combined with weak offence will just not win you many games. Neither is it useful to have an excellent offence just to have all your great gains evaporate because of a weak defence. Through a solid defence you'll ensure your gains are permanent, and a strong offence guarantees you to keep scoring and reaching your goals.


Depending on what you already have in place, your million dollar plan may be quick to make. Or if you are only getting started with most of the components, your plan may take a bit longer to build and come together only gradually. Both cases are OK - no matter which way you set up the plan, if you do it properly and stick to it, you will become a millionaire.

If your plan for wealth is ready quickly, you can focus on actually making it happening and right away start working on the components that require the most attention. On the other hand, if you are only generating ideas for most parts of your plan to get rich, you will probably start the implementation, too, gradually.

Make sure to start by focusing first on the defensive game - how to budget your expenses and live by the budget, how to make habit of accumulating savings, and how to manage external financial risks. Having your defence well covered and already functioning, you can then focus on the offence: how to make your money work really hard for you, and how to manage the risks of various kind of investments or businesses.

Your Money Tree

You need to have a plan before you can really plant your money tree, but not all the details need to be worked out right from the get-go. You will learn more about yourself and your tools - the components of you million dollar plan - when you start implementing the plan. You will soon notice needs to adjust the plan to better meet your capabilities and circumstances. It is useful to tweak the plan later as you learn more - just make sure that you are not diluting your plan in any fundamental way. To become a millionaire takes a lot of hard work and a fair amount of time. Shortcuts hardly exist, and trying to speed it up too much often results in taking unmanageable risks that later prove fateful.

Once you have managed to put together the key components of your plan, go ahead and set some time-bound goals too. This will make your goals more concrete and add some discipline in sticking to the plan. The schedule also gives you a chance for a reality check: how long does it actually take for my plan to make me a millionaire, and how does this align with my other plans in life.

Building Wealth

So, for you to become a millionaire, now is the best time to get started! Go ahead and start putting together your million dollar plan! You will be eventually surprised how easily it comes together, even if some of the components may take hard work and some serious pondering to figure out. Just start making the plan now - the rest will follow, and you will become a millionaire.

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