Stay the course - and you'll get there!

Make your plan, start your journey, and then just stay the course - on paper it's all very simple. You keep following your plan, let your wealth accumulate, and sooner than you know- presto! - you'll hit your million dollar milestone. Right? Yeah right, if it only were this simple.

In the real world, of course, things are seldom as simple as they might seem and few things go exactly as planned. The good news is this, though: it won't be that complicated, either, and by adjusting your plan a bit as you go, there is a very high chance of getting there, if you just stay the course. OK, maybe the course will eventually be an adjusted and re-adjusted one, given that you learn as you go, but still, just sticking to doing what you set out to do is really a key.

If you ever ran a marathon, you know that once the excitement of the start wears off, it'll be all about keeping grinding away and not giving up, even when it feels that you hit the wall and cannot do it. Of course, you will need to be fit enough to do it, but it's really more about finding a good pace and then just keep going, even when you feel you'd rather give up. Getting to your million dollar goal is similar in many ways - but much more fun (unless you just love running marathons)!

Once you are on your journey, two things really start working for you: learning from what your are doing, and accumulation of wealth due to compound interest. The learning part comes in two forms. First, you will learn how to do things better and thus how to make your journey both quicker and more pleaseant. Second, you will also learn what works and what doesn't, and what you really like to do (and what you don't). Some of these learnings will help you to improve the details of your plan, while others may give a reason to make major adjustments or additions to your plan. You may notice, for example, that the business you entered is fine, but also gives an opportunity to an additional related business which will considerably increase you income. Or you may notice that something you started pursuing really doesn't work the way you expected or doesn't suit your skills, experience, and/or preferences.

The important thing about the learnings is this: adjust your plans as you need to, and never give up - stay the course! This way you will not only use your learnings to speed up and smoothen your journey to your first million, but you will also let the compound interest to kick in and start doing some serious heafy lifting for you. The difference it makes will grow faster and faster, and after some years it will really have a huge impact on the speed of you accumulating wealth.

From time to time, it may happen that you a bit shaky, even tired, and doubt whether this journey of yours really makes any sense at all. "Stay the course!" is what I would say to your at a moment like that, and would still add: "It's going to be really worth it!" It may also help you to revisit your original million dollar dream, decision, and reasons you had for making your plan and starting your journey. This will - I hope - remind you why you started what your started and help you again to see all the great reason why you should stay the course and why it really will be worth it. 

My experience is that things also get easier and smoother along the way. Once you get started, meet and overcome your first sets of challenges, learn the ropes of your activities, and begin to get some serious help from compounding interest, things will somehow start to flow more naturally and easyly, as you will also find a pace that suits you. In addition, you will start to concretely experience some of the benefits of your wealth, reconfirming to you that what you were dreaming about is not only real, but really something worth pursuing. The farther you get, the easier it becomes - so the only thing you really need is never to give up. Just always stay the course - always!

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