My Million Dollar Decision

My million dollar decision was an easy one: I felt right away that my dream was worth the effort, even if it wouldn't work out at the end. I also felt I could actually make it happen, too, even if I wasn't sure how. I knew it could take a long time - 10 years, maybe 15 in a worse case. Yet I figured it could also happen much quicker, if I found a way to save a bit more and find a better way to invest my savings.  

With the  benefit of hindsight, my million dollar decision was easy because it wasn't really so much about money, after all. It was mostly about deciding to do more of things that I liked and achieving goals that I found worthwhile. I like learning new things, managing investements, making plans and implementing them and then reviewing the progress against goals. I even like budgetting and saving money - and I like spending some of it for things that are close to my heart: my family, sports, and travel. It seemed that the journey to my first million could mostly be about just doing more of these things, but more systematically and deliberately than what I had done before.

What also appealed to me was the challenge of more lofty goals than I had really had before. I had always dreamed of having a business of my own to run, but never really seriously considered how to make it happen. Now I realized that this could really be my ticket to a million dollars and beyond, but only if I really set my mind to it. A great part of my million dollar decision was to commit to figure out a business I could start and run, and this seemed like a really fascinating idea. It was probably a reason good enough alone to get me started, and the possibility of getting wealthy in the process felt like an added bonus.

My starting point was another thing that made my million dollar decision easy. Given my recent experiences,  financial security and independence from my current job were key drivers for me. The quicker I could achieve these, the better - I felt these could really make a big difference to my personal happiness as well as the wellbeing of my family. The alternative was just to sit there, keep doing what I was doing, and hope for the best - really not an option for me! Doing something - almost anything - felt like a better idea than doing nothing, so it was easy to decide - just needed to figure out what exactly that something would be.

Before I really made my million dollar decision, though, I first made some calculations. I started by looking at my finances and how they would evolve if I just continued the way I had been saving and investing until then. It seemed that even with that I might eventually hit a million dollars. It would take a long time, though: 20 years or longer, if nothing devastating happened meanwhile. Then I made a couple of alternative calculations, which concretely showed me the difference a higher rate of savings and better yield of investments could do for me. It seemed that in the best case I could hit my million dollar goal in less than 7 years, although more probably it would take a couple of years longer. With this, my mind was made and my million dollar decision was easy: I'd definitely go for it.

So I had made my decision - and I felt great about it! Now was the time to roll up the sleeves and get busy. I already had some ideas what I'd need to do, but really had to get more serious and concrete about them. So I set about to make some plans - my million dollar plan. Wow, it felt I was really on to something now!

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