Millionaire Motivation - Why Bother?

What is your millionaire motivation - why bother to take the effort to become wealthy? Is it possible and realistic, and is it even worth it?

I can assure you it is possible for you, and it sure is worth it too. What makes it worthwhile is really not the money, though, but other things that it leads to. Of course a lot depends on where you start from. We all have different circumstances and situations in life, and therefore our motives for wanting to become wealthy - our millionaire motivations - vary a lot. In my own personal situation about a decade ago, it all started from a need to reduce financial risks and sense of lack of security, although it rapidly evolved to something much more rich and nuanced. What I also learned quickly was that the effort could really be worthwhile. This opinion of mine is even stronger these days, now that I'm already way past my original million dollar milestone.

So, in case you are still wondering, here's what I'd like to say to you:

1.    Yes it really is worth it to make the million dollar journey! Just consider yourself this: what would it feel like if you knew you had enough wealth to take care of pretty much all your needs and the needs of your closest ones, and if your fortune just went on growing as long as you continued to stick to your plan? I think you can feel what the answer is...

2.    Yes the trip from here to there is totally realistic. While the start may feel slow and uneventful, soon you will start gathering speed and quicker than you know become amazed how fast you are flying!

3.    Yes you too will find your way to get there. It will require serious effort from your side, and your methods may end up being different from mine or anyone else's, but you will sure find your way.

So now that we know whether – and why – to bother to make this journey, we'll need to get back to the grinding! Besides our millionaire motivation, we still need to save for the money we don't have (yet) and make a effective plan to invest it well, so that we can really get started. If this sounds a bit boring, you'll be pleased to know that it actually isn't all that bad - really! Just make a plan that suits and excites you, get started on your journey, and you'll soon see for yourself why it's worth the pursuit.

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