Million Dollar Plan B

Your million dollar plan won't be perfect - a million dollar plan B is what you will need, eventually. Or a million dollar plan version 2, rather, not really an all new plan. No matter what you call it, though, the fact is that you will realize your original plan was less than perfect. You may have discovered new opportunities that you plan did not account for, some things didn't actually pan out the way you expected, and some others you simply just didn't notice to plan for. In a more extreme case, it may seem to you that your plan doesn't really work well at all, even to the point that you get really frustrated and feel like giving up. All this makes perfect sense, though: you are learning while you are progressing towards your million dollar milestone, and you can much speed up your progress by translating what you have learned into your "million dollar plan B". All you need is to accept that the original plan can be improved - a little, or a lot - and be prepared to make changes to make it better. So, stay the course, but adjust your plan in order to speed up your journey.

Million Dollar Plan B

One of the first things calling for tweaks in your million dollar plan might be your savings plan. When your investment plan really kicks in, and if you investments are of the kind that produce regular additional cash flow, you may notice that you can actually save much more than you originally planned. You may also notice that with your motivation and better-formulated plans you have in place now, you can actually spend less than you initially estimated, which again increases your ability to save. It's important to change your plans accordingly, so that you mentally lock in this new-found potential. This alone can make your "million dollar plan b" so much more powerful than your original plan.

Your investment plan, too, may need adjustments. Some of your original ideas didn't perhaps turn out as successful as you expected, while others much better ones came along since you made your original plan. Again, besides just changing what you actually do, make sure to adjust your plans too and this way lock in the potential of what you have learned. Formalizing your changes in a plan will force you think them through once more, so that it will become even more clear to you what you change and why. You "million dollar plan B" can really help you to give structure to your learnings and ensure you get the most out of them.

A bit further down on your journey, you will also develop a better idea of how you really want to share part of your wealth. This is obvious: when you start, you don't probably have much to share, so you just plan based on what you have, doing what feels right at that time. However, later on when you start to become seriously wealthy, you will not only have more money to share, but also time. By sharing some of your time, you can really help others with the skills you have. This can be enormously satisfying, even more so than using some of your wealth for purposes that are near your hart. Make sure to include this side, too, in your "million dollar plan B", as it can give you extra motivation for continuing to work on the execution of the savings and investment part of your plan.

Given that your million dollar journey will take a while, and given that you will probably continue way beyond the first million, you will end up adjusting your plant for wealth time after time. As your money tree keeps growing, you will become even more skilled in knowing what it needs to grow taller and faster. This learning can really be - and certainly is to me - a huge source of satisfaction. It also keeps the journey more interesting by making sure you are not stuck in a rut and routines: you keep picking up new ideas and doing new things while shedding some of the old ones. It keeps your motivation high and makes sure your journey never starts to bore you, even when you have already reached all your original financial goals.

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