Your Million Dollar Decision

You have your Million Dollar Dream - next, you need to make your Million Dollar Decision. This is a real moment of truth, where you need to make clear to yourself whether or not you really will pursue that million dollar dream.

Your Million Dollar Decision

If your reasons for the dream are in line with what's important to you in life, your decision is going to be an easy one. On the other hand, if you don't feel certain, then you better think again about what drives your dream and what is important for you in life. Be honest with yourself, and be clear what you really want - this isn't always easy due to external pressures, some shortcomings in how we were raised, and many other reasons.

Don't worry at this time how you will achieve your goal. The planning only comes after the decision, and we'll help you out in that, too. Also please don't spend any time in wondering how realistic your decision is - I assure you that you can make it happen if you really decide and commit to make it happen.

Questions Questions Questions!

It's important not to try and set any schedules or time-bound goals yet - that comes later, towards the end of the planning phase. Setting schedules at this time will only be waste of your time and may also make you hesitate about your decision. Just make your decision, and then - assuming it's a positive one - we can move on to the planning how to plant your money tree.

So, now it's really the time to decide - what is it going to be for you?

You got it!

Congratulations if you decided go for it - feels great, doesn't it!

And here's more good news: it's going to get still better later on! I won't need to tell you what it feels like when you actually start to approach your goals and realize it all started by a dream - and this simple decision.

So let's move on - now that you've made your million dollar decision and you are committed to make it happen, you are ready to draw up your Million Dollar Plan.

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