My Financial Shock

I was never expecting a financial shock of any kind. I had been a well-rewarded upward-mobile achiever in a successful company and had felt it totally unnecessary to worry much about my finances. On the contrary, my financial situation seemed just great to me. Best of all, it seemed to be getting better year by year almost automatically, as my salary kept growing through promotions and raises.

Fish Eat Fish

Suddenly, however, my employer was taken over by another company. What a shock, I just couldn't believe it was happening! Not only did the whole idea of a take-over upset me, but also the practical consequences where devastating. I almost lost my job in the reorganization process that followed, as my department was being merged to a similar department of the other company.

Lightning Ouf of the Blue

This new situation hit me really as a surprise, and I was totally unprepared. I certainly wasn't born with a millionaire mind and had never really considered the idea of systematically trying to build wealth through any other means than simply working hard for an employer. This all changed now - it was clear to me that I just had to do something.

Light Bulb

With a benefit of hindsight this shock was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It woke me up to think what I really wanted and needed to do, both regarding my finances and in life in general. It showed me before it was too late - in an powerful yet eventually harmless way - how naive my thinking had been and how vulnerable my financial situation was. Now that I was thinking about all this, a dream started to develop in my mind. I was finally starting to understand what I had been missing until now. It seemed that this could really be a beginning of something new and exciting.

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