Earn Money - You'll Need It!

You probably already have a job and earn money through your work, no matter what it is that you do. You don't need to be making much - even if more is better in this case. What really matters, though, is that you have incoming cash flow, as you will need to save some of this cash flow in order to have seeds for your money tree. If you were lucky and inherited some money, or if someone is supporting you financially, great for you. Yet, you should know this: virtually all millionaires made their money through working somewhere. Their professions vary widely: some work in their own business, others in corporate jobs, law firms, schools, and many other kinds of job. You too will need to have a job and earn money from it. I'll tell you why.

Working at the Office

The first reason for the importance of regularly earning some money is this: if you have no incoming cash flow, it will be hard for you to save money and have what you need in order to plant your money tree. You might be great in stretching pennies and managing with very little, and that's valuable as such. Yet, if you have no regular income, it will be a real struggle to put aside the money that you will need as fuel for you million dollar journey.

Working Hard

Of course, it may be that you already have a nest egg that you are growing, or your family is supporting you financially, and you feel there is no need for you to work or earn more. This brings me to the second reason why earning your own money is important. Very, very few ever become millionaires without working hard and earning their money first. If you are not ready to make the sacrifices and submit yourself under the self-discipline that earning your living requires, you will probably also find it hard to get done the other things that you will need on your way to your million dollars. Living off other people's money - or a gift - will deny you from learning and sustaining an ability to support yourself. Should that "free" money suddenly be taken away fro you, you would find it hard to do what it takes to support yourself. I'm sure there are exceptions to this, but those are few and far apart, so don't count on being the exception. Earn money with your own work, as it will get you used to taking the effort that you'll need also on your way to your first million - and beyond.

Working Happy

Another important reason for why you need to earn your money has to do with satisfaction and self-respect: you get these from making a living through your own work, and getting everything without effort will greatly reduce these, over a longer term. It really doesn't matter what your job is - work comes in all different shapes and forms. You could be just a regular Joe Blokes working at the local factory. You could be an office employee, maybe even an executive, or maybe you are a rock star instead (if you are, can I please have your autograph, please?!?). Or you might be a full-time investor working hard to find and negotiate high-return deals and manage your investments. What is really important is that you are active in doing something to make a living, rather than being idle and living off other people's money or a gift.

Speed It Up!

One final reason for you to work and earn money, rather than just relying on gift money or support from others, is the extra speed you can get this way on your million dollar journey. If you make just a couple of thousand a month, it will add up near $25,000 a year. If you really don't need and use any of this for your living expenses, these earnings alone can make you a millionaire in less than 20 years. So if your goal is to become a millionaire but you figure you don't need to earn your money, I'll say you are just wasting the fastest and easiest way to get to your goal. Getting there slowly is OK, but getting their faster is great!

Step by Step

So, if you aren't already earning your living yourself, make sure you will take the necessary steps right now to change that. Working for your living - no matter what it is that you do - will get you in shape and towards the right mind-set in order to be able to start your million dollar journey. When you've done this, you are ready to move on - here's what you'll need to do next.

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