You Be Millionaire!

Welcome to You Be Millionaire, Your Guide to Money, Wealth, and Happiness through Financial Independence!

We will be your step-by-step guide on your journey to your first million and beyond. Starting from your million dollar dream, we will help you to realize why actually becoming financially independent is not so much about money at all - how your wealth will only provide means for other things that are important to you. We will help you to understand the pros and cons of your decision to make this journey – and we will give you examples of why this journey may really be worth your effort.

Happiness through Financial Independence

We will also guide your way to making your million dollar dream real. Using actual real-life experience and examples, we'll help you to map your journey to think and grow rich. We show how - and why - to get started. We'll help you understand how to make your million dollar plan, and how to plant your money tree so that it gets the best possible start to growing tall and strong.

Make Progress!

We will show you why your current professional activities – whatever they are – provide a great starting point for your million dollar journey. We will help you to discover how to accumulate savings in all circumstances and what kind of different forms investing money can take in real life. We will also provide you with methods and tools for tracking your progress and taking the necessary steps to adjust your plans along the way. Throughout these steps the key is for you to do all this your way - and we will support you in finding that unique way that suits you the best.

We will guide you not only in building your wealth, but also in preserving it and navigating the risks along the way. It is necessary for you to understand and anticipate the potholes and dangers that may lie on your path – and we will help you in being well prepared and ready for them.

Fruits of Your Hard Work

Of course, we will also help you to see the abundance of sources for enjoyment that await you once you start getting near your million dollar milestone. We intend to help you to see the full spectrum of opportunities there are to enjoy the eventual financial freedom and your achievements – the well-deserved fruits of your hard work. Not only do we want to help in making you the next millionaire - we will also do all we can to make sure you will be the happiest millionaire!